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European Residency Law

Once you find a suitable property or properties investment and the following procedures are carried out, ownership of said property investment in Spain or Portugal can be completed:

  • selling and buying parties agree the purchase terms, mainly the identification of the property and price.
  • the buyer takes possession of the property, which is is usually achieved in two steps.

1st, both parties sign a private purchase contract agreement which includes terms and conditions, after which the exchange of 10% of the purchase price is paid as a deposit payment. 
2nd, both parties attend the Notary Public where the signing of a purchase deed is carried out, while the remaining funds of the property price are transferred over, after which the keys of the property to the buyer. At this point, the buyer has become the owner of the property are handed over.
3rd, the buyer must register his ownership at the Land Registry.

Once checked and confirmed that you fulfil the minimum requirements of the residency in your chosen country of destination and that our services are employed.

Once employed these services will work together with you to prepare the required certificates and documents, advise on which ones of these need to be translated and which need to carry an apostle, complete the application documents, attach any other required legal letters, compile the application and make the appointment in the embassy for you to attend and make the application. And once you arrive in your country destination organise appointments for you to complete your residency here.

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