Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the following most relevant and frequently asked questions

Property rentals of less than 60 days, require a license, for which an application must be made to obtain.

This application requires various documents, including an ´LFO´, and further documentation for which we will provide you a full list.

Owners are being fined for renting properties out, without an LFO?

With our help you will:

  1. Legally draw an income from holiday rentals.
  2. Avoid nasty inspections and fines.
  3. Increase the chances of selling your property if required.

Short-Term rentals for periods which are less than 60 days, require a short-term rental license.

We arrange this license for our clients.

This license has a duration of 12 months and should be renewd on an ongoing basis.

Our property admin services carry a fee for each service we provide.

Although our property management services do not include advertising to obtain property rentals, we do offer an admin service which will obtain the required retnal certificate.

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