Is It Law In Spain To have a License For Short-Term Rentals?

Short-Term rentals which are less than 60 days in Andalusia, require a valid Short-Term Rental License

The requirements to obtain a short-term rental license are:

  • Property ownership in Spain
  • Valid Digital-ID in Spain
  • Valid Ocupation license for the property
  • Rooms to rent will have; direct ventilation to the exterior or patios and some system of window covering
  • First Aid-Kit onsite
  • Complaints and Claims book available to users
  • Cleaning of the property for both the entrance and exit of guests

These requirements can be met, but what are the costs, the taxes and government fees which should be paid ?

Our property management services assist with all of these requirements and is why our clients appoint our Property Management Services.

Our firm can assist with this and obtain your license which permits you to advertiserent and promote your rental property for short-term rentals. 

Our property administration services are guaranteed and of high quality.

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