Marbella set to modify their urban regulations

The change in planning will be submitted to public consultation for a period of ten days

The Marbella City Council will again modify the urban regulations of the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) of 1986 to adjust its use to the current needs of public facilities in the city while the new plan is being drafted, as announced this Monday by the spokesman for the team of government, Félix Romero, after the celebration of the Local Government Board on Mondays. Specifically, the mayor, who recalled that the latest modifications were made in mid-2018, added that this procedure will make it easier for the use of land for equipment to be adapted to real needs.

“Before, for example, it was very difficult or practically impossible to change a social facility to an educational one or for a green area to be compatible with a sports facility,” explained the mayor, who added that the granting of licenses for professional offices in buildings will also be facilitated. of homes or premises in shopping centers. “All these possibilities regarding what types of uses are compatible with the buildings or what treatment the premises inserted in the commercial areas receive, were not well defined or adapted to the current reality”, he indicated.

However, the modification of the urban regulations of the current PGOU must be submitted to a vote in the next plenary session after passing through the Local Government Board. “Despite the fact that we are immersed in the elaboration of a new PGOU, it is a very complex document and it will require time, therefore, in parallel, it is necessary to modify and develop as much as possible the current Plan so that urban planning don’t stop,” he said.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that just a week ago the City Council announced that it will open a public consultation period “so that civil society can provide suggestions to further improve this modification.” Likewise, there will also be workshops open to the public, informative and training sessions, talks, debates, in order to explain the entire content of the document and the process.

Finally, the mayoress recently advanced that the idea of the government team is to have the advance of the future plan before the arrival of summer, foreseeably in May or June; and approve the document initially in the first half of 2021. “This year we must have the progress of the PGOU, the environmental impact report and an important part of the citizen contributions to put together a good document that allows us to start 2021 with initial approval. Thus, throughout the legislature we will have the possibility of approving the PGOU that will allow us to address in the coming years the conviction of what Marbella should be”, she indicated then.

The team of 12 specialists that will draw up the new General Plan for Marbella began work in December at the new Urban Planning offices.

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