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Property Administration Services

If you own a property in Spain and need somone to manage its administration, we offer services which administrate properties, and which can make payments for services through our client bank accounts.

Services offered:

  • Short Term Rental License (required to be renewed each 12 months)
  • For lettings of less than 60 days, a short-term rental license is required, we can arrange this for you
  • Community Fee Payments
  • Water Payments
  • Internet Payments
  • Local Tax Payments (IBI)
  • Rubish Collection Payments
  • Electricity Payments (we have an online application which electronically monitors your monthly electricity consuption and bill to make sure you always have the correct tarriff with the most economic price)
  • Our property administration services are guaranteed and of high quality.

*all our services can be contrated individually or as a group

Property Cleaning Services

Our property cleaning services take care of everything; House-Cleaning, Gardening, Pool-Cleaning and they include regular Property-Visits to make sure everything is running corretly and correctly maintained.

We offer cleaning services for private homes, rental properties, communities, maintenance of villas, pools, windows and marble-floors. We understand that cleaning is vitally important in all areas and why we only offer professional services with 100% trustworthy personnel with the correct products for each job.

We are also experts in pool care for Pool cleaning and Pool maintenance

  • Water treatments
  • Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools.
  • Experience in gyms and spas.
  • Chemical analysis.
  • Reforms and redesigns.
  • Detection of water leaks.
  • Saltwater pools.
  • We work with all makes of pool.

Our cleaning services are guaranteed to be of high quality and efficient.

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