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Property Maintenance

If you are a second home owner on the Costa Del Sol, then our property maintenance services will interest you.
We offer maintenance packages which include any-one or all-of the following:

  • Regular Property Visits
    Ongoing property visits made by a technician who physically visits your property to check for, security issues, squatter or theft issues, maintenance issues and to carry-out a general property inspection.
  • Bespoke Property Preparation
    Allow our services to prepare your property for visits, this is a bespoke service and includes; a welcome-pack, cleaning & bespoke food-shopping.
  • Pool Maintenance
    It is not an easy task to maintain crystal clear water, a clean pool-base and a leaf-free surface, we offer professional services to do exactly this and maintain your swimming-pool on an ongoing basis.
  • Garden Maintenance
    When the owners of a property don´t live in Spain, then our gardening services are here for you. We will care for your garden and include services for irrigation, pruning, planting and any other required maintenance.
  • Property Cleaning
    Property cleaning is vitally important to maintain your property. We offer professional cleaning services with 100% trustworthy personnel who are available with the correct products and techniques for each job.
  • Property Reforms & Repairs
    If you need to transform a space, you are on the right website. We are specialists in comprehensive home renovations. We carry out all the necessary works for a change for the better. We adapt any space and make it modern, we make it brighter and achieve a greater sensation of space

Property Maintenance means that we take care of everything; Cleaning, Gardening, Pool Maintenance and Regular Property Visits, ensuring that in your absence, your property is in-order, secure and running-correctly

*all our services can be contrated individually or as a group

Bespoke Property Preperation Services

Property Preperation means that we prepare your property for a visit and personalise eveything; Food, Drinks, Bedclothes, Towels, Cleaning, Pool Cleaning and to make sure everything is prepared, in-order and running corretly.

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