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Bespoke Property Preparation Services

Property Preparation means we prepare your property for any property-visits or property-rental allowing us to personalise eveything to any specific requirements.

This service is normally used to prepare a property for its family-use or short-term-rentals or for bespoke property preparation.

Services offered:

  • Preparation Cleaning
  • Welcome Pack
  • Bespoke Food Purchases
  • Bespoke Drinks Purchases
  • Bespoke Bedclothes
  • Bespoke Towels
  • General Property Peraration
  • Any other Specific or Personal Requiements
  • We make sure everything is prepared, in-order and running corretly for every visit.

*all our services can be contrated individually or as a group

Bespoke Property Preperation Services

Property Preperation means that we prepare your property for a visit and personalise eveything; Food, Drinks, Bedclothes, Towels, Cleaning, Pool Cleaning and to make sure everything is prepared, in-order and running corretly.

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