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Student-Visa Conditions

There are 2 types of student-visas available.

  1. Short-term student visa, permits a stay of between 91 – 180 days in the country
  2. Long-term student visa, permits a stay of up to or more than 6 months in the country

If you are a non-EU citizen, then the answer is: YES, you will need one
If you are from EUEEA or Switzerland you can stay in Europe while you study without a visa, which also applies to the relatives you bring with you in a joint application

Something to remember here however, is that whichever nationality you are, should your study course take less than 90 days to complete, you do not need to apply for a student visa, because a normal tourist visa will only be enough of up to 90 days

Our services provide Student-Visas in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Portugal